Press Room

New Book Release

(August 10, 2017 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) In September 2017, HRDQ ( will publish a new book authored by John Dieseth, President of Business Performance Group entitled “Building Business-to-Business Relationships Over the Phone.” This business publication is a case study on developing, nurturing and sustaining revenue using open-dialogue telephone selling. “The book includes a description of […]

I Like Your Style

Many telephone salespeople I know don’t pay much attention to dressing stylishly during the week. After all, the customer can’t see what they are wearing, and it’s more important to be comfortable. But regardless of the type of clothing they select, each telephone salesperson has a personality style; systematic, direct, spirited or considerate. Systematic salespeople […]

How to Master Phone Sales

One of my goals in life was to pilot an airplane, so I began flight instruction with eager anticipation. Once airborne for the first time however, I found myself struggling to stay ahead of the airplane, and relying more than once on my instructor in the right seat to keep us safe. After a few […]

Did You Hear the One About?

Did you hear the one about the salesperson who told good short and relevant stories to her customers and completely out sold the rest of the department? Ah, I tell you she is a real champ. You see, she recognized the human brain processes in an analog mode, not the digital format used by smart […]

For Every Action

In physics, I learned for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For example, if you stand on a sled and throw a snowball forward, the sled will start moving slowly backwards in proportion to the mass of the snowball and sled. In sales, our actions produce revenue, in direct proportion to the […]