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Open Mind, Open World: Improving Intercultural Interactions

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Successfully interacting with global colleagues and customers begins with a mindset that people mean well in their actions to others.

Being open to learning about why and how others react and respond in certain situations will go a long way toward improving relationships, solving problems and increasing productivity.

In a global economy, cultural misunderstandings can have an immediate negative impact on your business.

Open Mind, Open World provides a solid foundation for identifying and understanding basic cultural values and behaviors.

Key Training Points

  • Identify cultural tendencies that impact our interactions and effectiveness with global colleagues.
  • Identify and respond to situations involving intercultural dynamics.
  • Distinguish between effective and ineffective intercultural communication.
  • Use global awareness and the O.P.E.N.* process to improve communication and productivity.

*The O.P.E.N. model involves four basic steps:

  1. O: observe the behavior
  2. P: prepare a response
  3. E: engage in communication
  4. N: notice the results

  • Producer: Sollah Interactive
  • Product type: DVD
  • Running time: 32 min
  • Available languages: English


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