Field Sales Course

(September 15, 2016 — Des Moines, Iowa) Traci Shepley, Business Development Manager for Business Performance Group, announced the release of a field sales course for product support sales representatives selling face-to-face. “Many of our customers have field salespeople who call on larger accounts, and many of these field salespeople use the telephone to communicate with customers when they are not face-to-face.” said David Alumbaugh, Senior Consultant and Trainer for Business Performance Group. “We have developed a course not only to teach field salespeople how to use the telephone to supplement their on-site interactions, but have incorporated good face-to-face selling and relationship building techniques.”
The course follows the model of DISCOVER – DESIGN – DEMONSTRATE – CLOSE – CHECK used in the company’s telephone sales training, to allow those who have previously gone through the company’s phone sales training to seamlessly learn and adopt field sales skills. Over half of the telephone salespeople trained by the company progress to a field sales position. The first public course will be in September, with a quarterly course schedule starting in January of 2017.


A consulting firm headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Business Performance Group conducts classes and boot camps around the world on business-to-business telephone sales, salesperson employee selection and hiring, and training and development support. They have introduced their inside sales representative business model in China, Spain, Panama, France, Russia, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Sales training participant guides have been translated into Mandarin, French, Russia, Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish.


Business Performance Group specializes in business-to-business telephone selling. Focusing on the top and bottom line, their business model centered approach is an end-to-end process from salesperson selection and training to sales manager training, leadership, coaching and mentoring.