Business Performance Group Pilots New Course for Heavy Equipment Sales

(December 1, 2018 – Malaga, Spain) Business Performance Group successfully piloted a new course for heavy equipment sales in Malaga, Spain during November of 2018. The four-day “Boot Camp” for field salespeople follows the company’s sales model of Develop/Design/Demonstrate/Close/Check. Included in the course is a module on prospecting – which is enabled with data analytics.

“During the pilot, we had equipment sales trainers from Europe, Africa, Russia and the Middle East” said John Dieseth, President of Business Performance Group. “These trainers will be taking the course back to their field salespeople during the first quarter of 2019.” The course has a train-the-trainer component for sales trainers and is currently being translated into additional languages.

A key aspect of the course is to encourage equipment salespeople to define the equipment “playing field” with customers to compete on value and not just initial price. “Almost all of our clients sell a premium priced product with significant long-term value for their customers. Although their offerings are the lowest cost over time, the initial investment may be higher. The salesperson must be able to demonstrate this value, and encourage customers to demand the same from all competing vendors.”

During the four-day event, salespeople designate 10 accounts where they will use the techniques they have learned and their revenue expectations. This allows managers to track their return on investment in the training, and to hold salespeople accountable.