BuildingBusiness-To-BusinessRelationships Over The Phone

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How can your business build profitable relationships over the phone?

As business-to-business (B2B) sellers adopt online platforms to smooth order entry, and just-in-time systems to facilitate customer supply chains, they have a critical need to build relationships with buyers, engineers, managers and others who ultimately control the volume of business.

Few B2B sellers can afford a field sales team to meet face-to-face with clients. Beyond affordability, many business-to-business customers restrict access to their facilities, and prohibit vendor entertainment, crimping the style of even the most experienced and dedicated traveling salesperson.

In Building Business-to-Business Relationships Over the Phone, you will learn how to profitably design, manage and staff a telephone sales organization to grow an annuity stream of business. You will learn how telephone sales differs dramatically from field sales, and how thousands of books based on consumer selling are barely applicable in the world of B2B. You will learn how to take an inbound lead, or the first small sale, or the tentative inquiry, and turn each into lasting relationships and profitable annuity streams – all with a low cost-of-sales.

In this book, you will also follow the story of a Fortune 500 company as it adopts its historic field sales model to the realities of today’s B2B marketplace.


About theAuthor: John Dieseth

John Dieseth is president of Business Performance Group, a B2B consulting and training organization. He is the author of training programs including Leading High-Impact Sales and High-Impact Telephone Sales as well as The Telephone Sales Implementation Guidebook. Business Performance Group is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa with instructors across the globe.

Documents Referenced in the Book

Call Outline
Screening Tool
Telephone Screening Form
Face-to-Face Interview Form
Inside Salesperson Selling Profile
Personal Business Plan
Coaching Checklist
Sales Database
Development Plan
Sales Contest Ideas
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Building Business-To-Business Relationships Over The Phone

What You’ll Learn

Profitably design, manage and staff a telephone sales organization to grow an annuity stream of business.


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