Case Study: Global Training Product Provider

Industry Human Resource Training Products
Customer Product and Service Producer
Description Direct Marketing and Telephone Sales Initiative
Result                      Development of the Client’s Service Business


Business Performance Group was hired by this client to develop a telephone sales operation to support their catalog and on-line customer acquisition and ordering platform. The telephone sales group offers; a) one-day and multi-day executive training programs; b) personality profiling for high-performance teams; c) libraries of training materials for corporate universities.

Business Performance Group determined the positioning of the offering, entry points for trigger emails and marketing support in the sales cycle, coaching and salesperson selection. On-line advertising and lead generation were initiated to support the sales group.

Business Performance Group worked with the client to create a separate consulting partner network to bring the client’s products and services to their networks. These consultants are supported by the client using telephone sales.

Work with this client is ongoing.