Case Study: National Seminar Company

Industry Executive Corporate Education
Customer National Seminar Company
Description Telephone Sales Initiative
Result                      Development of the Client’s Inside Sales Team


Business Performance Group was hired by this client to coach and train their inside sales team. The client had twenty-one salespeople on the phone calling clients nationwide to sell on-site executive training programs. The average sale was $ 4,000 to $ 50,000.

Salespeople engaged executives on the phone ranging from CEOs to Executive Vice Presidents and other senior managers. The objective was to promote on-site, facilitated training dedicated to organizational improvement and other “soft skills”, including team performance and conflict resolution.

Business Performance Group customized its program High-Impact Telephone sales and trained all new hires, once they had gone through their orientation program. The company also provided coaching services, both for new hires and established representatives. The client provided the opportunity for representatives to sign up for coaching, and mandated coaching for representatives who fell below goal.