Business Performance Group’s Customized High-Impact Telephone Sales Course

(July 1, 2019 – New York, New York) Business Performance Group completed a customized High-Impact Telephone Sales course for a large provider of information to the construction industry. “The salespeople must respond to web generated leads, close business and then close renewals. This is a high-volume, high-transaction business” said John Dieseth, developer. “We had a good time working with their management and high-performing sales representatives to design this program.”

Business Performance Group provided online training, and customized, instructor-led sessions for all their salespeople. The company also provided a train-the-trainer session to allow the client to train new hires using Business Performance Group’s materials.

Business Performance Group Completes “Selling Customer Value Agreements” Pilot Program

(December 31, 2019 – Peoria, Illinois) Business Performance Group completed a pilot program of “Selling Customer Value Agreements” in December with Caterpillar dealers. Customer Value Agreements or “CVAs” are agreements between the customer and the dealer to perform equipment maintenance and/or repairs. Over 500 product support, machine sales and inside sales representatives were trained during the pilots. Each participant was asked to set a sales goal for the next year, and a consultant from Business Performance Group will contact each participant to determine results at 30 days and 90 days after the session. Results will be aggregated and reported.

Business Performance Group Announces New Virtual Inside Sales Representative Boot Camps

(April 3, 2020 – Kansas City, Missouri) Business Performance Group announces new virtual inside sales representative Boot Camps beginning this month. These events extend over two weeks and include eight 2-hour interactive online sessions, plus daily assignments and one-on-one coaching. All attendees will do role-plays with a consultant coach to practice skills they learn during the sessions. “Our online sessions are highly participatory with everyone on web cameras” said David Alumbaugh, lead instructor. “During the pilot, I was surprised on how much interaction and discussion we had. Everyone participated and contributed. I had a hard time finishing on time.”

Participants are expected to complete Business Performance Group’s 21 e-learning modules prior to the session and are assigned a coach for the role-plays. The learning content is identical to Business Performance Group’s instructor-led face-to-face Boot Camps.

Inside sales representatives or ISRs, contact customers using online tools and the telephone.

Business Performance Group Pilots New Course for Heavy Equipment Sales

(December 1, 2018 – Malaga, Spain) Business Performance Group successfully piloted a new course for heavy equipment sales in Malaga, Spain during November of 2018. The four-day “Boot Camp” for field salespeople follows the company’s sales model of Develop/Design/Demonstrate/Close/Check. Included in the course is a module on prospecting – which is enabled with data analytics.

“During the pilot, we had equipment sales trainers from Europe, Africa, Russia and the Middle East” said John Dieseth, President of Business Performance Group. “These trainers will be taking the course back to their field salespeople during the first quarter of 2019.” The course has a train-the-trainer component for sales trainers and is currently being translated into additional languages.

A key aspect of the course is to encourage equipment salespeople to define the equipment “playing field” with customers to compete on value and not just initial price. “Almost all of our clients sell a premium priced product with significant long-term value for their customers. Although their offerings are the lowest cost over time, the initial investment may be higher. The salesperson must be able to demonstrate this value, and encourage customers to demand the same from all competing vendors.”

During the four-day event, salespeople designate 10 accounts where they will use the techniques they have learned and their revenue expectations. This allows managers to track their return on investment in the training, and to hold salespeople accountable.

New Book Release

(August 10, 2017 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) In September 2017, HRDQ ( will publish a new book authored by John Dieseth, President of Business Performance Group entitled “Building Business-to-Business Relationships Over the Phone.” This business publication is a case study on developing, nurturing and sustaining revenue using open-dialogue telephone selling. “The book includes a description of our work with Caterpillar and Cat Dealers to build their billion-dollar telephone selling operation” said the author, “including all the challenges which were overcome to make the initiative successful. This will help readers take advantage of what we learned.” The book will be available on and booksellers for $ 24.99.

The book describes techniques for developing business relationships using the telephone, and leveraging the power of omnichannel marketing to enhance the efforts of the salesforce, and includes information on selling intangible services to other businesses using the phone.

A consulting firm headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Business Performance Group conducts classes and boot camps around the world on business-to-business telephone sales, salesperson employee selection and hiring, and training and development support. They have introduced their inside sales representative business model in China, Spain, Panama, France, Russia, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Sales training participant guides have been translated into Mandarin, French, Russia, Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish.

Business Performance Group specializes in business-to-business telephone selling. Focusing on the top and bottom line, their business model centered approach is an end-to-end process from salesperson selection and training to sales manager training, leadership, coaching and mentoring.