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Got Sales? BPG has partnered with Caterpillar dealers around the globe, offering customized sales development training that reflects their business. Our facilitators provide an engaging learning experience with exercises that are relatable and mirror real-life sales scenarios, group dialogue and proven techniques that provide immediate results. Here is what a few of our students have had to say . . .


“Being a PSSR for 33 years, I thought I knew it all. This is an exciting course, being able to talk to customers on the phone with someone there to coach you was great. I learned a lot about phone sales techniques that was very useful. I wouldn’t change anything. Even an old dog like me learned a lot.”—George, Inside Sales Rep

“I had a great experience at the ISR Boot Camp training and had a lot of great take away points from the content we covered during the class. This was probably the best training I think I have had in my nearly 7 years’ experience with my dealership. Business Performance Group runs a top-notch program.” –Zach, Inside Sales Rep

“From start to finish, the ISR Manager Boot Camp was exceptional. It was packed full of good information and it’s tough to pick out the best thing about it. I experienced at least 10 ‘AHA’ moments a day! BPG did a fantastic job customizing the materials that generated such good conversations. The instructor did an excellent job and I took away great information on best practices for managing my team. It was absolutely fantastic.” -Brad, Inside Sales Rep Manager

“I was so impressed at the level of knowledge our instructor had about our business and my job role.I learned more in the 5 days at Boot Camp than I did in the 5 weeks prior to coming to the training! What Business Performance Group offers is extremely positive and motivating to all new ISRs. I would recommend this course to every Inside Sales Rep regardless of their level of experience. It was superb and I really feel it has given me the skills and confidence for me to be a successful sales rep.” – Heather, Inside Sales Rep