The construction market is cyclical, and populated with large companies, small companies and owner operators. Just reaching decision makers can be challenging, and encouraging a construction company to try a new product or service can be daunting.

At Business Performance Group, we have listened to over 10,000 conversations between salespeople and construction customers. These conversations span markets from highway heavy to mining to commercial building construction. We’ve also listened to the small landscaper with a skid steer, a pickup and a dream. If you serve this market, we can help you develop a successful business case, hire the right people, and orient and train your team. We can help you manage, coach and lead inside sales.  We can help you set up communication channels between the sales group and those that deliver products to assure customer satisfaction and minimize friction between your employees. We can help you balance service demand and supply.

The first thing is to have a great compelling reason to call. Give us a call, and let’s get started!

Hiring Sales Professionals

To serve the construction market, you need special sales talent: mechanical aptitude sure, industry knowledge helpful, customer empathy mandatory. We have helped our construction clients hire thousands of successful salespeople and we’ve learned what to hire for, what to train, and what to avoid.

Give us a call, we’ll share our secrets!

Emotional Nutrition

Managing a construction salesforce is challenging because customers are often gruff, usually are busy, and may be hard to coax into a relationship. The salesforce will need what we call “emotional nutrition” to balance out the energy they expend on every call.

We work with managers to balance out the constant daily demand for sales with the need to provide emotional nutrition – the support that keeps your salesforce on their game and on the job. 

Give us a call, we’ll give you managers the tools they need for high performance!

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