Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales

Capital equipment sales usually involve complex and lengthy sales cycles – from identifying needs, presenting your product as a solution to closing the deal. The sales representatives must be conversant with your product of course, but may also need to know financing and product support.

Almost all of our clients sell premium priced equipment, they can’t compete on price, they must compete on long term value. We work with equipment salespeople to broaden and deepen the playing field to include the entire value equation. Competitors try to narrow the playing field to only initial price. Your salespeople must be able to defend value, and defend your market share.

At Business Performance Group, our clients sell equipment priced from $ 15,000 to $ 3.5 million, with an average annual sales target of $ 5.5 million per salesperson. With 15 years’ experience in equipment sales, we can help your organization prosper and meet your revenue goals.

We’ll work with your managers to create bulletproof sales cycles for your equipment.

Managing the Department

Because equipment is complex, many managers were formerly successful salespeople. But what makes a successful salesperson, may not make a successful sales manager. We can provide your managers with tools to succeed, playing on their strengths.

We can help train your salesforce, and construct a business model and management plan designed to drive revenue performance. Give us a call, let’s get started!

Managing the Rules

What rules does your sales department need?

Too restrictive, and your salespeople will lose deals because they can’t react to customer needs. Too loose, and they will drive your fulfillment department crazy and your CFO to distraction.