ISR MANAGER Performance Breakthrough Workshop
Course #42642 | Oct. 10, Noon-5pm & Oct. 11, 8am-4pm


This workshop is designed to help raise the productivity and performance of an ISR team. After this two-day workshop, the ISR Manager will be able to:

  • Build an ISR Business Plan
  • Design profitable ISR and PSSR territories
  • Assist ISRs in cleansing records and growing accounts quickly
  • Manage the relationship between PSSRs and ISRs
  • Set high-performance objectives and goals
  • Monitor progress through activity and revenue measurements
  • Create compensation plans that motivate and manage
  • Coach to drive performance and promote ISR development

Criteria: Current best practice as documented in Implementation Guidebooks


This workshop is designed for ISR managers who have an existing or planned ISR group. During the workshop, the manager will learn how to design effective territories, set revenue goals, activity objectives and compensation plans. Managers will also learn how to manage to their plan through quarterly reviews and coaching.

Primary Instructor: John Dieseth, President – Business Performance Group


Review the “ISR Excellence Fundamentals” Implementation Guidebook


Two Days


Caterpillar will cover the cost of tuition and meals for a manager to attend the training. Your dealership will be responsible for travel, and lodging.