Meet Our Team

We don’t do telemarketing.

We don’t do consumer sales.

We do business-to-business inside sales using the telephone. We don’t convert field sales programs to fit inside salespeople. Instead, we have a complete, customizable curriculum designed strictly for business-to-business relationship-building sales.

What’s the difference between telemarketing and inside sales?

Telemarketers use a script and are just looking for the close. Inside sales representatives look to build revenue, but are also focused on growing customer relationships the annuity stream of revenue over time. No script will accomplish this goal. We train inside sales representatives to use an open-dialogue, non-scripted approach, unique to every customer.

Technique is critical to inside sales. For the field salesperson, the old adage is true — “half of life is just showing up.” Being physically present is important. For the inside salesperson, word choice and tone of voice need to do all of the communication. There is no body language. This requires specific skills that, when applied, dramatically increase revenue.