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Online Interactive Sales Training

In 1769, James Watt completed big improvements to Thomas Newcomen’s steam engine, invented in 1705. Although this advanced steam engine revolutionized manufacturing, which previously relied on water and animal power, it took many decades for the technology to see wide-spread acceptance. Online training has been around in some form or another since the mid-1990s, and […]

Business Performance Group’s Customized High-Impact Telephone Sales Course

(July 1, 2019 – New York, New York) Business Performance Group completed a customized High-Impact Telephone Sales course for a large provider of information to the construction industry. “The salespeople must respond to web generated leads, close business and then close renewals. This is a high-volume, high-transaction business” said John Dieseth, developer. “We had a […]

Business Performance Group Completes “Selling Customer Value Agreements” Pilot Program

(December 31, 2019 – Peoria, Illinois) Business Performance Group completed a pilot program of “Selling Customer Value Agreements” in December with Caterpillar dealers. Customer Value Agreements or “CVAs” are agreements between the customer and the dealer to perform equipment maintenance and/or repairs. Over 500 product support, machine sales and inside sales representatives were trained during […]

Business Performance Group Announces New Virtual Inside Sales Representative Boot Camps

(April 3, 2020 – Kansas City, Missouri) Business Performance Group announces new virtual inside sales representative Boot Camps beginning this month. These events extend over two weeks and include eight 2-hour interactive online sessions, plus daily assignments and one-on-one coaching. All attendees will do role-plays with a consultant coach to practice skills they learn during […]

Business Performance Group Pilots New Course for Heavy Equipment Sales

(December 1, 2018 – Malaga, Spain) Business Performance Group successfully piloted a new course for heavy equipment sales in Malaga, Spain during November of 2018. The four-day “Boot Camp” for field salespeople follows the company’s sales model of Develop/Design/Demonstrate/Close/Check. Included in the course is a module on prospecting – which is enabled with data analytics. […]