Press Room

Play Ball!

Slugger Joe hit 50 home runs last year. He also had a golden glove, snatching sizzling grounders and fielding slow moving bunts between his position at third base and home plate. At a management meeting that winter, the general manager of Joe’s team had a great idea – let’s move Joe over to coach third […]

Just Follow the Rules!

When you were a child, did you start out each ad hoc game with your friends by discussing the rules? Perhaps the neighbor’s flower bed was out of bounds, the alley was the goal line and anything over the sidewalk was a free play. Rules help define the parameters of the game, and reduce disputes, […]

New Years Eve

Shortly after Christmas, my grandfather used to bug me to create a bundle of New Year’s Eve resolutions. He’d say, “if you don’t have goals, you don’t have anything.” He surmised that if I concentrated at least annually on my strategies for improvement, some of them would stick, and a better grandchild would result. Businesses […]

Under the Weather

I grew up in the Midwest, and we have extreme weather because we are far from the modifying influence of any ocean. During the summer, we can soar to over 100-F; during the winter, we can bottom out at 20-F below zero. Wouldn’t it be great if we Midwesterners could take a big stick and […]

Make Your Selection

I recently visited a rest area along the interstate and decided to get a beverage. After the vending machine read the chip of my credit card, it said “Make your selection.” I scanned the contents, and realized I didn’t recognize many of the local brands. I hesitated, then selected a drink with colorful packaging. When […]