Bill Buss

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

With over 20 years in general sales and operating management, Bill Buss, Senior Consultant for Business Performance Group, is exceptionally proficient in sales channeling.

Bill’s sales coaching helps salespeople succeed in today’s environment. Gone are the days of selling commodities, where product availability was the biggest issue. Today, it’s about consultative selling — offering advice concerning purchases, and not selling on price. Bill takes a systematic and organized approach to refocusing his client’s sales groups. Understanding the customer’s needs and selling to those needs rank high in his best sales practices.

Helping organizations determine their different types of customers and the best way to service those customers, Bill reviews their sales force, their product, how they are covering the marketplace and the best way to cover the marketplace.

Bill advises on selling to existing customers, prospecting new accounts, and collecting overdue accounts. He helps his clients find other sources for customers, including purchasing lists. He assists with database management, including determining the “A, B and C” clients. In this day and age, the cost of sales is as important as the cost of materials. One of Bill’s services is determining the most effective use of a client’s salespeople, and ensuring the right person is in the right job. In fact, Bill is in high demand for helping with the selection process on the front end.

If you have the steps and process, you can sell anything. Bill is outstanding at bringing the steps and process. He has trained across all industries from heavy equipment to hotels, to car dealerships and wholesale manufacturers. Clients have labeled Bill’s training, “second to none.”

Bill believes strongly in proving the profitability of the program by monitoring and tracking results.

Previously, as manager for Finning Canada, a division of Finning International Inc., the world’s largest Caterpillar equipment dealer, Bill established their sales training program, and developed their inside sales initiative. He went on to introduce the initiative to Caterpillar worldwide, growing employees and revenue dramatically. Bill also played a lead role in the introduction of the Shell Fuel and Lube Program to Finning Canada customers. He also managed the Maintain/Repair and Operate (MRO) portfolio.

Throughout his career, Bill has introduced new products, revamped sales territories and restructured sales management. He sat on a management team of a large corporation, negotiating two union clerical contracts and a job evaluation program for 3,600 employees, and trained sales people for over600 businesses in becoming more effective in sales practices.

Bill won the Most Effective Sales Division award all three years it was offered by the Yellow Pages.

In his spare time Bill enjoys vehicles of all sorts — owning, fixing and watching. He is restoring a Dodge 1979 Little Red Express Truck. Bill enjoys sports — it doesn’t matter what sport, or who wins as long as it’s played hard and fast — rodeos and traveling.