David Alumbaugh

Kansas City, MO, USA

The big needs clients bring to the table when seeking David’s services include increasing revenue and balancing efficiency with effectiveness.

Saying no to canned presentations, David focuses on each client, developing systems and processes that solve problems. His creative, yet logical, measures boost and maintain sales performance and promote ongoing success. David’s philosophy in a nutshell: “My job isn’t complete when I leave the client’s office, but when they’ve implemented the process and see proven results.”

One of the most common problems clients struggle with today is escaping the rut of doing the same old thing and getting the same old results. David responds with a fresh outside perspective, offering ideas that help pave the way for positive change.

Clients get the “how-to”, not just theory. David’s techniques generate buy-in and accountability, include enough freedom for self-discovery and produce long-term results. His clients are able to immediately implement effective solutions.

Enjoying more than 20 years of sales and sales management experience, David has managed institutional-level sales for domestic and international accounts. He has led sales efforts in numerous industries including education, healthcare, HR training and consulting services.

David is an Adjunct Professor of Business at Baker University, where his expertise includes 16 years of teaching MBA courses to working professionals, including organizational and marketing management. David also serves as faculty mentor for the development of new teachers.

Proficient in knowledge transfer and other workplace generational concerns, David has developed and taught college courses for Baker University on generational issues in the workplace.

David endorses a participative leadership style. He is accomplished in problem resolution, goal setting, realizing and eliciting an individual’s full potential, influencing others and achieving results through development of quality-focused business relationships. David’s experience includes managing business-critical projects and operations in educational-based and privately-held organizations as well as developing and marketing seminars in the global marketplace. His operational expertise includes profit and loss accountability, recruiting and staffing, motivational incentives, sales strategy development and team development.

Previously held positions include: president of Seminars International, vice president and director of training & business development for Insight Information International, and operations manager for American Management Association/Padgett Thompson.

David passed the FAA Private Pilot Certification. He resides in Kansas City, MO, and enjoys spending time with his four grown children and grandchildren.