Jerome Leonelli

Paris, France

Specializing in business-to-business consulting, Jérôme Leonelli has 30 years of experience dedicated to sales. He is a recognized commercial coach helping organizations, not only in France, but internationally, improve the performance of their sales force.

A member of Business Performance Group’s international team of consultants, Jérôme has been instrumental in directing the high impact telephone sales initiative for the company’s clients in France.

In addition to working with Business Performance Group to improve the productivity of their multinational clients abroad, Jérôme has trained thousands, including salespeople from organizations and business school students.

He is also recognized for his expertise in negotiation.

Jérôme helps clients navigate the sales process from start to finish. As he conducts business training ses-
sions, he combines input from sales videos he created through his company, Images pour la Formation, with his own unique approach tailored to the specific needs of his audience. Jérôme utilizes both classroom training and classroom training combined with online education.

“Business to business sales is a seven step process,” explained Jérôme. These steps include: Prepare, The first instants, Discover, Dealing with Objections, Convince, Conclude and Retain. “If you miss one step you won’t get the most successful results,” continued Jérôme. “My approach can be universal or specific to one of those seven steps, depending on the client’s real needs.”

To maximize the process, he first spends time with the client’s top executives to gain an understanding of these needs. He then acts to improve the salespeople’s behavioral skills and sales techniques — helping them find the best of themselves. Choosing an analogy in sync with his own history with marathons, Jérôme compares this process to that of a marathon man rather than a sprinter.

Jérôme helps prospective customers ask the appropriate questions to help them define their issues and concerns before talking strategies or solutions. He believes one of his strengths is his experience running two training companies. As a president dedicated to marketing and commercial activities, he’s trained thousands of trainees and business students.

Fifteen years ago, Jérôme founded Images pour la Formation, a production training video company distinguished for designing and implementing tools and materials for training companies, in the fields of management, communication, business relationships and sales. He has written numerous sales scenarios for sales video training, both for his company and other organizations.

Prior to setting up Images pour la Formation, Jérôme was the owner of a language school, which he maintained for 15 years.

In his free time, Jérôme has been running seriously since the age of 12. He has participated in marathons in many areas, including Paris, Marseille, London (his favorite), Amsterdam, and the 42,195 km Marathon du Médoc in southwest France — one of the leading international marathons which has been billed as the longest marathon in the world and a combination of Mardi Gras, Woodstock, and Halloween on running shoes. Jérôme lives in Paris, France, with his wife; they have two grown children.