Mark Wankel

Peoria, Illinois , United States

With over 35 years of corporate sales, field and marketing experience with Toyota Motor Sales USA and Caterpillar Inc., Mark Wankel brings a new perspective in consulting and getting down to the customer level.

His specialty is inside sales. Over the last 10 years, Mark led his Caterpillar team in creating and introducing the Inside Sales Representative (ISR) position, and had global responsibility for implementation and developmental support of dealer ISR programs around the world. He also spearheaded a competency-based curriculum to improve dealer product support sales force development.

As Mark says, “Before we started working with them, Caterpillar had no inside sales. Up to that point, all of their efforts involved outside sales and making in-person visits. So Caterpillar was only able to reach about 20 to 30 percent of its client base. And they were focusing mainly on their larger customers, so they were missing out on opportunities with their medium and smaller sized customers who, as a result, just didn’t feel very connected with Caterpillar. That was an area we were able to help them with.”

Mark remembers the step-by-step approach that helped Caterpillar unlock this untapped potential. “We showed them how to hire the right people and then how to effectively on-board them into the organization,” Mark said. “We also created a guide for dealer sales managers that gave them an A-to-Z approach to the inside sales approach.”

During this timeframe, Caterpillar dealers worldwide added 850 ISRs to their ranks and now generate $850 million per year in incremental sales.

Inside sales starts with a look at customer coverage and an analysis of what you’re doing and how to better cover customers and actually get to them ALL using the phone. Sounds simple, right?

First, inside sales is NOT telemarketing. It’s a relationship-building process with those lost and forgotten customers on your customer list.

“Inside sales is really about creating and sustaining a two-way scenario with customers,” Mark points out. “It’s about reaching out, showing that we understand and care about their business and then providing resources to help them meet their goals.”

Let Mark show you how to bring these customers back to you and become a growing part of your business, generating incremental revenue at a rate of 10 to 20 percent a year. From prime product to product support, inside sales gives you a convenient way to cover your customer base with time and cost efficiency.

We have the entire inside sales process covered and documented from all aspects and can customize a program individually for you.

Explore the Business Performance Group website to see all we offer, or send us an e-mail. We’d love to work with you in your quest to increase your sales base. We’ll show you how inside sales can help you maximize your customer base contact.

During his spare time, Mark enjoys anything automotive and working on and restoring older vehicles, including Jeeps and Corvettes. He also likes spending time with his family and showing his Newfoundland dogs.