Noe Tabares

Santa Fe, NM, USA

With over 30 years of experience in management, sales, marketing, training, presenting, and motivational speaking, Noe Tabares has consulted with companies throughout the United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina and Brazil. Bilingual — fluent in English and Spanish — he conducts training programs in both languages.

Clients hire Noe for his personality, and his ability to express conviction that he’s their partner and will be there for them after the initial training is over.

“When clients work with me, they walk away with the ability to view situations with a different perspective. This allows them to see various solutions to a problem,” Noe explains. “My clients learn to build and maintain relationships, which will provide them with a constant supply of customers.”

A respected member of Business Performance Group’s international team of consultants, Noe has been instrumental in directing the Inside Sales Representative (ISR) initiative in Spanish for our client, a leading global manufacturer of construction and mining equipment and diesel and natural gas engines.

“I have a passion for helping people solve their problems and attain their goals. I became a consultant/trainer because I still remember what it was like to be the ‘newbie,’ with no one to turn to for assistance,” reveals Noe. “My ideal client is one who is willing to unlearn what they know — a client open to trying different methods, and not just sticking to the same routine.”

In addition to his work with Business Performance Group, Noe is an independent consultant, assisting companies in bringing their products to market, increasing their market presence and directing their sales and marketing efforts. Noe has personally delivered over 250 training sessions, presentations and motivational speeches to English and Spanish speaking audiences and companies in the United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

Noe’s clients’ big needs include:

  • increasing productivity, sales and profit
  • recruiting, developing, training, managing and motivating associates
  • differentiating themselves from their competitors
  • coaching and mentoring skills

In addition to solving the problems associated with these issues, Noe is well-known for directing new product launches, increasing market penetration and helping clients improve their leadership skills.

Noe began his career as a sales and marketing professional, selling business and personal computer systems for the Tandy/Radio Shack Business Products Division. Rising through the ranks, he closed two separate million dollar deals, and was promoted to Area Marketing Manager in charge of eight states.


When Tandy withdrew from the personal computer market, Noe chose to join the American Management Association’s Padgett-Thompson Division as a training manager. He recruited, trained and managed bilingual professional speakers and consultants. Noe was responsible for a team of trainers that conducted business education and leadership skills training. He also coached bilingual subject matter experts in such areas as consultative selling, relationship marketing, e-commerce, PC software application, OSHA compliance, finance and accounting, lean manufacturing, warehousing and inventory control, and facility management.

Deciding to return to the sales and marketing arena, Noe joined Topaz 3 LLC as a national and international sales manager, responsible for seven U.S. states, Canada and Latin America. He was able to increase sales by 20%, and was instrumental in the merger of Topaz 3 with Midland Radio.

Noe then signed on with Americo Life and Annuity Insurance Company and was tasked with creating and managing a marketing program targeting the Hispanic market. Within three years, Noe and his eight-
person staff increased Americo’s presence in this market by 30%.

“What has made me successful is that I excel at building and maintaining relationships,” said Noe. “I am still in contact with the person that first bought from me. Additionally, most of my participants have remained in contact and occasionally call on me for advice.”

In his spare time, Noe loves to golf, and has a passion for travel. For 21 straight years he’s been able to combine the two interests, enjoying trips to Myrtle Beach to golf with friends. He has also traveled throughout North America, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands. Future destinations include Korea, Taiwan and China. Noe is also a voracious reader of all sorts of genre.