Paul Wang

Beijing, China

Paul has worked as a trainer, facilitator, coach and consultant since 1996. He has worked with leaders and managers from various organizations and industries. Paul specializes in leadership development, management skills, problem solving, decision making processes, communication, team building, personal effectiveness, and thinking methods. Besides, he is also a facilitator for “Flawless Consulting” and he is an active OD consultant in facilitating large group interventions and in organizing trans org collaborations.

Paul passionately believes in the inherent maturity, willingness, and competence of adults to learn and to solve problems. He naturally and skillfully facilitates processes that release leaders’ potential in an emotional and experiential way. His style and methods help to make him a sought-after facilitator throughout Asia. With his simple language and graphical skill, difficult concepts become easily understood. His questions encourage deeper thinking, and his well-designed activities engage participants in a constant learning journey.

Paul’s resourcefulness is due to his diversified experience. Before he became a master facilitator, he worked in other various occupations: a middle school teacher, a chief accountant in a shoe making factory, a valve manufacturer, a computer artist for a television program, a translator for joint ventures of large business projects, an English language teacher in China Education Television (CETV), and a manager in several business organizations. Those experiences add value and texture to his competence and effectiveness. Paul has consulted and trained within many industries such as IT, power grids, pharmaceutics, newspapers, automobile manufacturers, iron and steel plants, hotel groups, construction machinery dealers, real estate developers, research institutes, and government organizations.

Paul graduated from Capital Normal University (Beijing) and New York State University’s graduate school TESL program (Teaching English as Second Language). He is a certified instructor by the Institute of American Hotel & Logging Association (AHLA), a certified instructor of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey, and is certified in the Six Thinking Hats program by Edward de Bono. Paul also serves as translator and cultural guide for many western thought leaders visiting China. Recently he has just completed his graduate studies in Pepperdine University’s Master of Science in Organization Development program (MSOD).

Paul lives in Beijing, China with his wife and daughter.