The New Inside Sales

Today’s business-to-business inside sales is driven by technology, greatly increasing the influence and reach of the inside salesperson.

We help you create high-performing inside sales teams through program design, the selection of the best salespeople, and high-impact training and coaching to raise performance to the highest level.

Whether you are looking to transform your team, train a specific skill set, or start an inside sales initiative, we can help. Download our white paper on the New Inside Sales or give us a call.

Learn How To Build Great Customer Relationships, Cut Your Costs Of Sales, Train Your Salespeople, And Leverage Technology In Our White Paper “The New B-to-B Inside Sales”

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Transform Your Inside Sales Organization

Let’s face it – today’s environment is different. Customers are researching and ordering online. Your inside salespeople must provide customers context, insight and answer questions customers can’t online. This is a challenging task, and we can help. Our consultants can help you create a low-cost, high-impact inside sales business model. Our trainers can help you create a high-performing sales team, totally focused on your customers and your sales goals. Give us a call at 877.521.3215.

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​​​Our Clients’ Proven Results

John and his group have exceeded our expectations as they relate to our sales associates. He does an amazing job of diagnosing our needs and prescribing a program that fits the needs unique to our group. Our sales associates have also expressed the programs have exceeded their expectations as well – their respect for John and his style grows with each session.  ~William E., National Research Corporation

I was very pleased with the product. The beauty of your training was that you 1) asked the customer what they wanted, 2) verified the materials and process to be used, 3) and delivered a training session that engaged and involved everyone from the first moment. We asked for a customized sales training class and you delivered! Excellent value for the price.  ~Mark C., Tescom

Our inside sales program at Empire is progressing extremely well. Both of our telephone salespeople that attended training are making great strides in building relationships, generating product support business and identifying machine leads for the Sales Team. We sincerely appreciate the training that you and your team provided as it has become the cornerstone for our success. Thanks again for all of the support BPG provides for us.  ~Ed S., Empire Southwest

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