What We Do

We help create high-performance inside sales teams through program design, the selection of the best salespeople, and high-impact training and coaching to raise performance to the highest level.

Program Design — Designing an inside sales effort using the telephone and electronic communications is dramatically different than field sales. We’ll help you create a great program, from crafting a business model to delivering the required rate of return to putting key performance indicators in place to monitoring day-to-day performance. Our consultants will work to help your organization create a high-performing program.

Selection — If you hire the right people, everything else falls into place. If you hire the wrong people, the best plans don’t work. We’ll help you determine the profile of top performers, and put a process in place to bring them to your organization.

Training — Selling over the phone on the inside takes unique knowledge and skills. We’ll help you design a best-in-class product knowledge training curriculum, and provide customized sales training.

Coaching — Effective coaching dramatically reduces the amount of time a new inside salesperson needs to be productive. We’ll help you design a coaching program you can execute that requires less time, and produces the greatest results. Plus, our coaches will also assist you in your coaching program.

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Training Partners

If you’re an independent consultant, Business Performance Group offers you the opportunity to join our organization as a business partner. As a business partner, you’ll gain access to our award-winning training materials and consulting protocols, including our online e-learning programs. We’ll help you market yourself and establish your own business. The advantages to you include:

  • Pre-Packaged Consulting Protocols
  • Training Materials
  • Online Resources
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Marketing Assistance

All business partners are required to be certified in our materials, and we offer a full week of training, plus facilitator guides designed to get you into business!

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Our certification process is vigorous and the examination process is designed to prepare instructors and consultants to effectively deliver our intellectual property.

High-Impact Telephone Sales Certification — The certification to present the High-Impact Telephone Sales course includes a 3-1/2 day event, including instructions and practice on how to facilitate the exercises and discussion questions. Candidates must complete the foundational e-learning modules prior to the session.

Inside Sales Consulting — This certification includes delivery of the program entitled Leading High-Impact Sales and associated consulting services and is a 4-1/2 day training event. Candidates must complete the foundational e-learning modules prior to the session.

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Many organizations have thousands or tens of thousands of customers and only a small percentage are adequately covered by the field sales organization. Typically this is because of revenue. Smaller customers may not buy enough per year to make field sales coverage economical. In North America, the average field sales call may run from $250 to $500, depending on geography. On the other hand, the typical telephone call from an inside salesperson may cost just $15 to $20. As a result, the inside salesperson may cover customers at much lower annual volumes.

Our consultants can help you create your ideal coverage model and your rate of return on inside sales.