Your Program Design

iStock_000058316186_LargeOur consultants will work with you to design a telephone selling initiative that builds relationships, increases sales and reduces your cost of sales.

We look at these key areas:

Business Case — How does the financial model work? We’ll help you calculate the expected return on investment and build a bullet-proof business model.

Getting Started — What do you need to consider as you get started? Informing customers, internal and external communications and working with your existing sales team are just a few of the most critical tasks. We’ll help you create a checklist and plan.

Selection — What is the profile of your best telephone sales representative? What is his/her career path? Choosing the right salesperson is critical, and perhaps the most important decision you’ll make. Using our nine-step model, we’ll make sure you hire the best salesperson.

Orientation — How do you orient a telephone sales representative to produce quick results? We’ll help you create a 25-day plan to bring your new hire up to speed.

Training — What training does my telephone sales representative need? Building relationships and selling over the phone is a unique skill set. We’ll help you determine how much product knowledge is necessary, and provide you with a telephone sales-training curriculum guaranteed to produce results.

Managing — How do I manage one or more telephone sales representatives? Managing telephone sales reps is different than field sales. We’ll help you create a list of key-performance indicators (KPIs) to manage to high performance.

Coaching — How do I coach my telephone sales representative? We’ll provide you with our five-step Telephone Sales Coaching Model, including a database of common coachable moments, along with steps the salesperson can take to improve.

Leading — How do I lead my new salespeople? We’ll help you assemble a leadership matrix that looks at motivation, compensation, career paths and other critical leadership topics.

Our consultants can help you craft your customized plan!