Building Business Models

A key to building a successful inside sales initiative is having a great business model that provides a positive return on investment. Revenue generators like inside salespeople must pay for their positions and generate a positive return for the business. By studying your account base and customer behavior, a model of expected revenue gains can be generated. Building the salary and sales overhead structure covers the expense expectations.

In the same way, other sales channels your organization uses can be modeled, as well. Inside sales must fit into the overall marketing plan of the business and produce a net improvement in overall business performance. In many businesses, the top customers in terms of revenue are visited by field sales. The middle-group customers are called by the inside sales team. And marketing takes the bottom tier.

When the business model is complete, it contains both activity goals and revenue targets for the inside sales team. Activity goals can be measured every day to ensure the plan is met and that assumptions are correct. These goals include the number of completed calls, talk time and other key performance indicators. Revenue targets can be monitored monthly and quarterly.

Our consultants work with you to create a business model for your organization.