Sales Manager Expert Training

Expert-level Training Courses for Sales Managers

Retention — A terrible day is when your best-performing salesperson enters your office and announces they’re leaving for a new position. Retaining your high performers is a critical task for the sales manager. Learn how to put processes and programs in place to keep the best.

Territory Management — Field salespeople may juggle 100 accounts, but an inside salesperson may wrestle with eight times as many. How does a salesperson sift through their accounts and decide on who they’ll call next? Learn how to help inside salespeople craft a territory management plan that maximizes your return on the investment you’ve made in them.

Compensation and Motivation — Yes, money is motivating to most salespeople. But the way the plan is crafted, designed and implemented is critically important to its effectiveness. Besides money, salespeople are also motivated by competition, an inviting work environment, and prospects for advancement. Learn how to create a dynamically motivated inside sales department.