Salesperson Expert Training

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Expert-level Training Courses for Sales Representatives

Advanced Overcoming Objections — Learn new ways of overcoming objections to tailor your approach to your specific sales situation. Objections mean your customer is emotionally invested in considering your product. Overcome the objection and close the sale.

Advanced Relationship Building — Building relationships over the telephone is hard work. Each phone call is fairly short, mostly consumed by business issues, and you don’t have face-to-face contact. Learn how to build relationships on every call and craft unique questions that lead to eye-opening dialogue.

Closing the Proactive Sale — If you’re selling product support, you know helping a customer with a problem is far easier than selling preventive maintenance or condition monitoring. Learn how to approach a customer, and close a sale, when the product is designed to prevent problems, not solve them.

Breaking Competitive Accounts — To increase market share, and grow a territory, a salesperson needs to take business from a competitor. These competitive accounts may have an entrenched relationship with another vendor and salesperson. Learn how to pierce this wall to increase your share of the business.

Time Management — How do the best inside telephone salespeople achieve 150 minutes on the phone each day and still get all the back office work done? Learn how to structure your day to achieve your activity targets, and still get the job done.

Negotiation — Negotiating over the phone without the benefit of body language can be a challenge. You may also be stuck with non-verbal communications such as text and email. Learn how to strike a profitable deal when you’re not face-to-face.