Sales Manager Intermediate Training

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Intermediate-level Training Courses for Sales Managers

Leading High-Impact Sales — This course includes all the key elements of leading a high-impact inside sales organization, including business-to-business telephone sales concepts, business models, getting started, selection, orientation, training, coaching, key performance indicators and sales leadership.

Peer to Boss — Often sales managers are created from the ranks of the sales group. This means that a future sales manager may move from being a peer with the rest of the sales team into a position of becoming their boss. This challenges both the sales group and the new manager. Learn how to make this transition.

Hiring and Selection — The most important job for any sales manager is to select their sales team. If the right individuals are hired, the sales plan can be successfully achieved. If the wrong individuals are hired, nothing will work. Learn how to select and hire the best salespeople to fit your environment and career path.